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SS - Zink Door Holder Magnet Different

Kristal Industries We are Manufacturers Architectural Hardware Antique Magnet Door Stop Holder, Hardware Magnetic Door Stops in Attractive Finishes Such as Brass, Copper, Nickel, and Bronze. Magnetic Door Stops, Magnetic Door Stopper, Magnetic Door Holder Installation, Installation Magnetic Door Catch, Magnetic Door Stops and Door Holders, are ideal for mounting directly puton your door. The base of your magnetic door stop can be easily screwed into the door or your floor. Simply match the base with your intended secure point and screw into the door or floor. Then slide the metal ring over the base to hide the screws. Fancy Silver-Gold Antique Magnetic Door Stop Holder, However you choose to mount the magnetic door stops they are a quick installation and provide great protection to your doors and walls. Different type Magnet Door Stop Holders Manufacturers in Rajkot Gujarat - India.

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